A downloadable asset pack

Back in 2015 we were working on a pixel-art 2D horror-ish platformer titled “Run Like Hell” that utilized a gravity gun to manipulate its environments. Unfortunately the game has never seen the light of day as we chose to pursue different projects. That’s why we have decided that instead of letting it sit idly on the hard drive we could release its assets to the public as it might be a decent foundation for someone else’s project. You’re free to use these assets both for educational purposes and commercially in your work.

The package contains:

  • The main hero, the archaeologist wielding his gravity gun (legs and hands animated separately)
  • 4 enemies with 10+ hand drawn animations each (up to 40+ frames per animation)
  • 194 environment sprites
  • 21 ui assets
  • and a few other things!

In return we’d like you to check out our latest project, Glorious Companions, that’s nearing its release on Steam. If it seems like it could be something up your alley, consider adding it to your wishlist. Thank you!


You can use the art provided by this aset pack for personal and commercial use.

You cannot redistribute this asset pack.


shadow_mines_assets.rar 1 MB


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Really a good work, thanks for sharing.

Nice Art, Can you Art use my game?

Great assets !!

OMG i really love it!, nice job dude!... how can we get more of this lovely work?

Hello, to me and to a group of friends we would like to create a video game with its Sprites and scenarios for commercial purposes.  and I would like to know if we can use it.

Feel free!


I registered to thank you for these assets... Especially the background tiles are really beautiful. Thank you for the free stuff!


That's awesome to hear, Berud'o, and it's good to know they can be of use for someone 😊


Holy Hell! Nice assets!


wow nice stuff!


😎 wow, nice gotta check out this!! 


Nice stuff


Thank you, they look great


Best asset pack


That's so kind of you. Thank you!


Glad you like it :)